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Cheyenne War Shield Beaded Belt

From $650.00 - $1,025.00 $650.00

Artist: Wendy Capek
Availability: Handmade to Order
Origin: Handmade in New Mexico

SKU# 10359


Belts and Buckles are each sold separately.

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The Cheyenne War Shield belt is a hand-loomed beaded belt with a bison billet designed by New Mexico artist Wendy Capek. In her own words, the artist describes the significance of this pattern: "The name of the belt pattern is Cheyenne Warrior Shield-Eagle. A "shield" is really any kind of symbol that radiates outward and likely symmetrical and might even have some feathering in it. If you look down the center of each side of the feathered shield you should see a three bead wide horizontal band in black and white. That is the eagle feather. Look at number one in the same area. You should see a macaw feather. The Cheyenne were known as great bowmen. And a good arrow would have a feather or feathers at its tail. So a Cheyenne warrior is likely to pride himself on his arrows and feathers. In broader symbolism, this pattern would offer its wearer great success in his or her life: a good arrow/tool and being accomplished at its use. I tend to think of a warrior not as a mean ruthless antagonistic figure, but as a protector and a provider, a benevolent being."

Tom Taylor handmade leather belt straps are sold without buckles.  Find your premier sterling silver or gold buckle here.

If you just need a basic nickel or brass buckle for your belt strap, let us know in the notes at checkout, or give us a call. 505-984-2231, and we will be happy to include one with your order.   


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