Stone Inlay Belt Buckle


Artist: B G Mudd
Material: Sterling Silver and Stone Inlay
Buckle Size: 1.00 inch
Origin: Handmade in the USA

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Product Description:

Sterling silver and stone inlay belt buckle, handcrafted by Native Americans in the Gallup, New Mexico studios of B G Mudd.

B G Mudd

Artist: B G Mudd

B G Mudd takes its name from designer Gary Gordon, his wife Barbara, and their beloved dog, Mudd.  A leader in inlay buckle and jewelry designs, this artistic trio has behind them 3 generations of Native American stoneworkers, none of whom have less than 20 years experience in inlay and silverwork. The gemstones inlayed in B G Mudd pieces are set in sterling silver and polished to perfection. The Mudd group also features sleek stoneless buckles in sterling silver and gold. The exceptional quality of B G Mudd designs set them apart from… Read More