Abbie Caplin image

Abbie Caplin

Abbie Caplin was born and raised in Corrales, New Mexico when it was still a small, sleepy farming community. She has always been an entrepreneur, a visionary and a traveler. Realizing at any early age, that “Pretending to be…

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B G Mudd image

B G Mudd

B G Mudd takes its name from designer Gary Gordon, his wife Barbara, and their beloved dog, Mudd.  A leader in inlay buckle and jewelry designs, this artistic trio has behind them 3 generations of Native American stoneworkers,…

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Billy Sunday image

Billy Sunday

From an early age Gary, founder of Billy Sunday Custom Leather, was an avid horseman. It only stood to reason that his attention would soon be drawn to equine equipment and the techniques used to produce fine quality…

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Chacon image


Designed by Bruce Erickson, Chacon Belts and Buckles offer high quality pieces for the consumer who relishes Old World style American sterling silver work. Taking their inspiration from the traditions of Western, Spanish, Mexican and Native American art that graces…

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Chamisa Design USA image

Chamisa Design USA

Owner of Chamisa Design USA, Tanja Moser, was born and raised on a horse farm in Switzerland. Now living and working in Sapello, New Mexico, horses and animals are still a part of Tanja’s life. Tanja and her husband…

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Chris Pruitt image

Chris Pruitt

Chris Pruitt has quickly become a multiple award winner in the sphere of contemporary Native American jewelry.  The youngest of four children born to Daniel Pruitt and Geraldine Yahnozha, Chris was raised in Laguna pueblo and continues to live in…

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David Dear image

David Dear

Legendary New Mexico silversmith, David Dear creates his Southwest, Art Deco, inspired silver and gold designs in his studio located in beautiful northern New Mexico Espanola Valley.  David’s works are featured in the Museum of New Mexico, the Wheelwright Museum,…

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Eternal Perspectives image

Eternal Perspectives

Lynn and Billy Gerber, co-founders and owners of Eternal Perspectives handbags started their business with a simple mission: to honor God and love people. The company they created has a purpose beyond profit, and it is the mission…

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George Jackson image

George Jackson

George Jackson has been a leather craftsman for over 40 years. In 1969, he opened one of Tucson’s first leather shops, called Harbinger. Many years have passed, but George still has a clientele formed in those early days.

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Ifania image


Stephanie Ifania Landry, who designs under the name Ifania, is a self-taught leather and fused-glass artist who lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Taught early to sew by her mother, Ifania began designing and sewing her own clothing as…

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James Harris image

James Harris

James Harris is well-admired among his fellow silver artists for his exceptional talent and perfectionism. Including both welding and sculpting techniques in his repertoire, James creates pieces that embody a clean elegance and architectural grace. Each piece that James creates…

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Jean Taylor image

Jean Taylor

Tom Taylor opened its doors in 1984, on Galisteo Street, in beautiful downtown Santa Fe.  A little over a year later, in October of 1985, Tom Taylor moved into the historic La Fonda Hotel, just off the Santa Fe Plaza.

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Jesse Monongya image

Jesse Monongya

Native American Jewelry Designer Jesse Monongya is a Navajo/Hopi Indian jeweler whose name means green lizard. His exquisite pieces are highly regarded as the finest inlay work accomplished today. Raised in New Mexico in the famous Navajo rug center of…

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Pat Charley, founder of PCco image

Pat Charley, founder of PCco

Handbag Designer Pat Charley is a handbag designer who came to the handbag business after a full career in production ceramics and teaching. She earned a B.A. Degree in Sculpture from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Arts in…

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Pat Pruitt image

Pat Pruitt

Jewelry Designer and Belt Buckle Designer Well-known jewelry designer and belt buckle designer Pat Pruitt, has distinguished himself among New Mexico’s local artists by giving traditional native themes a contemporary cutting edge. A self-described half-breed native from Laguna pueblo, Pat…

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Matt Hackett image

Matt Hackett

Belt Buckle Designer After a rough start in life, Matt Hackett became a self-taught silversmith in the 1980’s. He is an accomplished belt buckle designer and his first belt buckle was made for a Texas Ranger and bore the legendary…

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Randall Moore image

Randall Moore

Jewelry Designer and Belt Buckle Designer A New Mexico silversmith for over 35 years, Randall Moore is known for his superior design work, fierce perfectionism, and ability to craft pieces that are clean and timeless. Drawing upon southwestern and contemporary…

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Red Tail image

Red Tail

Diane Chaat Smith, Red Tail Handbags, is a Comanche artist working beadwork in deer and elk skin handmade bags and purses. Born in the Panhandle of Texas, and raised outside Washington, DC and Cleveland, Ohio, she moved to the Southwest…

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Richard Stump image

Richard Stump

Jewelry Designer and Belt Buckle Designer Though Richard Stump’s work attracts collectors from all over the world, his inspiration comes from direct contact with the Southwestern wilderness. A native of Santa Fe, Richard spent many years guiding hunts and whitewater…

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Stefano image


Stefano is a European trained master goldsmith and certified gemologist.  Born and raised in Europe he has been fascinated by gemstones all of his life. After finishing his apprenticeship with one of the world’s finest jewelers, Stefano continued his education…

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Sunset Trails image

Sunset Trails

Belt Buckle Designer Sunset Trails started out in Los Angeles, California as a family company in the 1920’s. Owned by the Stanton family, Sunset Trails became known for their exemplary silver-work when it graced the wardrobes of movie stars like…

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Walt Doran image

Walt Doran

Jewelry Designer and Belt Buckle Designer A Santa Fe native, Walt Doran grew up admiring the legendary Indian traders that were among his family friends. He spent hours in their galleries– studying the painstaking workmanship that went into the old…

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Wendy Capek image

Wendy Capek

Beaded Belt Designer and Jewelry Designer Wendy Capek, the artist behind the beaded belts featured at Tom Taylor, has always had a spirit that leaned toward art and nature. Growing up, her family regularly ventured into and fished the outback…

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